Recent Restaurant Eats in London

I have had fun trying some new restaurants in London recently. I was invited to the launch of The Savannah Restaurant, serving a fusion of African and Asian food in one of Londons most ethical and Eco-friendly spaces. Situated near Euston station, the restaurant is located within the Wesley Hotel and the decor tells a story sustainability and nature with 'time' as the theme. Artwork is sourced from artists using scrap metal which has been recycled, and the furniture uses reclaimed materials.
The Head Chef has previously work in four and five star hotels in London where food is sourced ethically, from sustainable supplied and artisan producers. They also support a growing range of ethical products including Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and biodegradable ranges.
Dishes you can find on the seasonal menu include African spiced pork belly with scallop, carrot and muso puree, Prawn tempura with spicy tomato fondue on a banana leaf and Monkfish wrapped in Parma Ham.
Find our more about The Savannah here.
Another place I stopped for lunch was Ball and Company situated on Greek Street who do simple food well. As the name suggests, the main theme to this restaurant is meatballs, from Pork balls to Salmon, it can cater for many tastes. The menu allows you to mix and match meat and sauce to produce your personalised dish with delicious sides.
As well as producing delcious mains, their desserts were great. The brownie with candy floss may sound strange, but is not one to be missed.
Find out more about Balls and Co here
A new barbeque restaurant popped up near Caranby Street and I went there with work colleagues for a lunchtime treat. It's not the largest of locations, but the smokey smell is enough to entice you through the leather covered door. We dipped into some drinks before our table was ready and then went for their lunch meal deal for £10. This included a main, side and tea to finish off.
I ordered the ribs with came with pickles and a roll and had a side order of smokey beans. The ribs were far bigger than the picture makes out and with the beans, I was pretty full. The meat fell off the bones in large succulent chunks and the pickles added a nice freshness. We also shared some desserts which weren't to be desired. The blondie was massive and heavy and even three people could not finish it. Find out more about Shotgun here


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