What I Eat on Holiday

When I am on holiday, unlike most people who may enjoy eating at local restaurants. I look forward to cooking breakfast and lunch as well as dinner. Having the time to think about exciting creations for different meal times creates a fun challenge...and also means some great food. A few weeks back I went away to the New Forest where I stay in my boyfriends house. As it has a full kitchen, we can cook to our hearts content.
Obviously, good weather and company meant we had a great barbeque. I tried burgers that we made ourselves, full of onion and herb and liked them so much more than bland shop bought varieties.
When the weather isn't holding out, it creates an opportunity to do some baking, and as my niece was visiting, we made some vanilla cupcakes together.
Slow relaxing mornings are perfectly paired with pancakes, and with them we made our own berry sauce from the strawberries that were starting to turn. It was a great way to use up the last of the fruit and lasted us a couple of breakfasts. 
Another thing I love doing on holiday is making my own pasta. I drag my pasta machine with me and the time and space allows us to make our own pasta creations. This time, we went for a tagliatelle with cheese, bacon and asparagus. For dessert, we poached some leftover pears in red wine and some spiced for a delicious dessert.

On holiday (and every other day if i'm honest), I love to picnic. As a natural picky eater, I love eating lots of little things rather than one sandwich, so on this holiday we had a great picnic on the beach (teamed with pimms in a kilner jar of course). We baked some foccacia bread (it was ok, but will be trying other recipes) and some banana bread with the few brown bananas that were left in the fruit bowl. This lasted us the whole week and was a perfect pick me up when walking.

Perhaps one of the more extravagant lunches we made was sushi. When it is warm, this makes for a perfect dinner as well and lunch, so we made a large batch using smoked salmon, tuna and prawns.

Making sure we use up everything in the fridge before heading home is always a fun task as it often results in some surprisingly tasty meals. A favourite of mine was this prawn mayo and salad bagel. Smoked salmon was also finished with a bit of egg for breakfast, and veggies with a planned salmon en route. 

What kind of meals do you eat on holiday?


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