WIAW Freezing Pizza Dough

As I didn't return home before an early trip to work, I made breakfast using the ingredients I had in the cupboard. I always like to keep some rice cakes and peanut butter in the cupboard, which I then topped with some sweet honey and banana.

I had to go out and find something for lunch, and thought I would try this tinned soup from Tesco. I find lentil soups nice and filling and always prefer ones which contain vegetables. This one was tasty, if not a little salty, but for 41p, I thought it was a bargain!
My afternoon snack was fruity after filling up the communal fruit bowl, which contained mango, peaches and grapes.
A while ago, I tried making some pizza dough from scratch, which recommended making a large batch and freezing whatever you don't need. After the final proove, I froze it in portioned balls to defrost at a later date. A few months later, after defrosting and rolling out, we topped with a variety of different flavours using the leftovers from the Bank Holiday BBQ. One was roasted leftover vegetables and cheese, one meatballs and onions, and my favourite, trout and salmon with cream cheese. The dough defrosted really well with a nice crispy outside and base.
I always find pizzas are a great way to use up any leftovers you have in the fridge, and this was great to use the dough as well.
I finished off the day with some chocolate.
What did you eat this bank holiday?


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