WIAW Post Holiday Food

The first day back at work after a holiday is always be hardest and today was no expedition. I started with a bagel that was leftover from holiday topped with peanut butter. 
My lunch was just things I could find in the cupboards so included tinned tuna and sweetcorn with mayo, salad and rice cakes. After my more exotic lunches of sushi on holiday, this seemed a little boring, but it was nice to get back into a routine.
I snacked on a nectarine from the local market with passion fruit and apricot yogurt. The fruit from the market seems so much nicer than shop bought and you get much more for your money so was glad I walked a little further to get there.
As I didn't have anything in the fridge after returned late the night before, I cooked come breaded chicken from the freezer and any leftover vegetables I could find. It did catch a little as I was on the phone catching up with my parents...but still tasted really good and gave an extra little crunch!
It wouldn't be the same if I didnt snack in the evening, so had a little salted chocolate to finish the day.
What did you eat this week?


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