WIAW Trying new things

Today was all about trying new products although my breakfast was the normal of banana and peanut butter on toast. Lunch was an amazing discovery from Tesco. Their morrocan homous is amazing and I love it with some toasted pitta bread and carrots.
My afternoon snack was mango strawberries and passion fruit with yogurt. It was a new yogurt I have been loving, which is a simple Tesco coconut and has little pieces of shredded coconut in it giving it a great texture with soft fruits.
My colleagues know how I like new things to try so they picked up samples for green tea to try. I find it wire hard to drink on its own, but added some lemon juice to create a nicer blend.
I had a delivery of Lurpak infusions which I wanted to try out for dinner. With some fish hanging around in the freezer, I thought the chilli and lime would be a perfect combination and stirred it through the accompanying couscous.
I finished the day with some chocolate of course. It always nice to try new things and something as simple as a butter can make a different stirred through simple, basic ingredients.


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