WIAW Vegetarian Week

Back in my normal routine, I started the day with a reduced cinnamon and raisin bagel from Marks and Spencer with the usual peanut butter and banana. I used the grill in the works microwave which isn't the same as a toaster but still warmed it a little.
This week I am celebrating national vegetarian week with the help of some Linda McCartney products. Lunch was some leftover pasta made with Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion vegetarian sausages which I added some roasted veg and red pesto to.
My afternoon snack was a section of a chocolate caterpillar cake as there was an office birthday. That's vegetarian right?
I tried some paella also from the Linda range which was nice and juicy despite being cooked from frozen in the microwave.
I skipped the chocolate this evening in favour of some prunes. These are from lidl and are so sweet they are addictive, they feel like a naughty treat.
What did you eat today?


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