Cooking with Lurpak Infusions

Lurpak have recently introduced some new items to their range which can help make flavourful food quickly and easily. Their new flavour infusion range are a blend of Lurpak butter and rapeseed oil with added herbs and spices designed to complement a range of bread from around the world. The three different flavours which work well in many dishes include Chilli and Lime, Smoked Chipotle, and Sea salt and Pink peppercorn. The serving suggestion would of course include some item of bread, such as a Lamb kebab Pitta with Chilli and Lime spread, but I wanted to challenge the product by using it for different things.
My instant thought was quick and easy pasta dishes. I often make too much pasta to go with a sauce and therefore have some remaining plain pasta. I tried the Sea salt and Pink Peppercorn spread melted through some leftover plain pasta with some added vegetables. Not only did it stop the pasta from being dry, it also added a great flavour.
When I saw the Smoked Chipotle version, my thoughts went to Mexican food. As I was having a BBQ, I wanted to try it on some hot sweetcorn. I normally slather my sweet corn skewers with normal butter, but this flavoured spiced version gave it something special.
The Chilli and Lime was crying out to be paired with fish, and instead of just topping it with fish,  I stirred the butter through the cous cous to give it a little flavour. It has a slight kick which worked well with the subtle flavour of the carb and gave the dish a slight asian feel. I feel these would also work nicely through some noodles with leftover cooked meat and vegetables.

The new Lurpak Infusions are available Nationwide and are priced around £1.25 each.
Disclaimer: I was sent these products for review, but as always, opinions are my own.


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