Mary Berry's Dessert Range

Mary Berry has gained the nickname 'Queen of Puddings' and after trying and testing many of her recipes including some muffins and banana bread. But now Mary has bought out her own range of desserts based on some original family recipes that everyone will love. Here, she speaks a little about the story behind the desserts.
1. What inspired you to create the new range of traditional puddings to share?
British Classic puddings are great for family occasions and I want to share my favourites.

2. Why do you think classic pudding recipes will always be popular?
These are the puddings that people love and remember.

3. Was there a reason that you chose to launch with the Belgian Chocolate Brownie Pudding and Luxury Summer Fruit Pudding?

I love brownies and this was a perfect excuse to make it into a pudding. Summer is my absolute favourite and there is no reason not to have it all year round.

4. Have you always had a sweet tooth? 
Its not about having a sweet tooth, I love to end a meal with something on the sweet side and these puddings are very tempting !

5. You mention that your mother was an inspiration for the new products, what was her favourite dessert and were you inspired to bake because of her? 
Mum loved Bread and Butter Pudding and hers was the best.

6. How does creating a ready made dessert recipe differ from creating a recipe for a book? 

They are all very similar but I make sure that only the best ingredients are used.

7. You’ve had a very busy start to 2016, are you looking forward to what’s coming up? 
I certainly am - more Great British Bake Off, my own programme, another book, life is good!

8. Do you manage to enjoy leisurely meals with your family? 
Yes definitely, the more often the better

I started with the Indulgent chocolate brownie with a white chocolate sauce. I cooked it in the oven which was recommended over the quick microwave option and it gave the top a nice and crispy texture while having a gooier inside. The sauce, however, has to be cooked and although it tasted super sweet when cold (and was strangely hard), became the perfect accompaniment when warmed. The dessert was very rich and the only disappointment was the packaging was actually a lot larger than the final brownie so the serving size was for about 4 people. I served it with some deliciously fresh strawberries which helped cut through the richness.
The other dessert, the luxury summer fruit pudding was a cold option. It suggested putting it in the freezer for about ten minutes before serving, and this, I think, is essential as it is quite soft. There are nice layers of bread soaked with flavoursome juices and whole berries. It is quite a tart dessert, so those with a sweet tooth, I would recommend eating it with some ice cream.
They are easy and simple desserts which can impress without any effort, and I feel even though they can be eaten all year round, the fruit pudding would work perfectly for after a summer barbeque, whilst the brownie is perfect served up on colder nights.
You can get these desserts from Tesco or Waitrose priced £3.50 each.

Disclaimer: I received these products for review, but as always, opinions are my own.


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