WIAW Brilliant BBQ leftovers

We had a family BBQ this weekend despite the high chance of rain but managed to survive with only a small scattering of showers. A couple of people couldn't make it due to illness which meant we made the most out of the leftovers for the upcoming days. As well as the usual burgers and sausages, we did some garlic king prawns, trout and vegetable skewers.We had planned to have some bananas with brown sugar to end the day, but everyone was too full so I took one home to have with my usual breakfast.
Lunch was a great array of leftovers, included a supersoft burger bun, salad and some trout. Fish is one of my favour bbq items. It can easily be steamed in some foil and some out so flaky and moist.
My afternoon snack was an apple as well as some grapes from the work fruit bowl.
For dinner, I had more leftovers included my mum's famous quiche which I need to learn to make myself. It's not eggy or too creamy like shop bought ones, but has lots of bacon, cheese and a few tomatoes in. I had it with a jacket potato and some leftover peppers that were once skewered.
Have you risked having a BBQ in the British weather?


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