WIAW Grains as Mains

My days always start off the same way with peanut butter and banana- this morning it was with a bagel. But I promise it gets more exciting from there.
At the weekend, we visited The Works (a bit of a random book store) and found the Grains as Mains book from Laura Agar Wilson. She was one of the first bloggers I followed so was keen to try out her recipes. We went for the chicken and paella dish which was as simple as chopping and putting it in the oven. The flavour was great and it was nice not having it with normal rice. I took some for leftovers for lunch with me and the flavour was even better!
For an afternoon snack I had chopped up fruit and topped it with some cherry yogurt.
Dinner came in the form of a pasta bake. I am moving soon so am wanting to use up the odds and ends in my cupboards so a variety of pastas went it. It had a slight hit of spice but was helped by the salad.
Dessert was a couple of chocolates from a box given to us at work.
What did you eat today?


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