WIAW Yellow Sticker Meals

Monday was a day of cheap food that I had found the day before that was being reduced due to the date. This never bothers me as if I can eat it that day, I can always freeze it and use another day. I ate my normal peanut butter and banana but on a bagel this morning. I have also started enjoying sprinkling it with a bit of cinnamon for added taste
My lunch was a reduced soup found in a service station on the way home the previous night. It was just a plain veg soup that I added some reduced price cooked turkey and stuffing to. 
My afternoon snack was yogurt with mango. It didn't really go with the cherry flavour but eating them separately was fine.
And for dinner I picked up a reduced Chinese style chicken curry whilst doing a food shop. They were simple to cook and I just popped then on top of a pile of courgetti to add in some extra vegetables.
For dessert I have been enjoying melting chocolate and dipping nuts and dried fruit in. 
What did you eat this week? Do you ever find many bargains?


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