Santa Maria BBQ ideas

Summer has blessed us with its presence and with the warm weather, the demand for BBQs are high (3 in 3 days for me). Santa Maria have some products which work perfectly well for al fresco cooking which I have a try. Although not necessarily designed for this purpose, it's a great way to use up products that you may have lurking in your cupboard.
The Mesquite seasoning is a fiery flavour with a blend of garlic, chipotle chilli, red and green bell peppers and garlic that can be used to flavour both meat and vegetables. 
Add a sprinkling of the blend onto pork belly chunks and chicken chunks and place onto pre soaked skewers to get some sizzling flavour. It also works well on potatoes for a side dish. Just grind onto pre boiled potatoes, wrap in foil and heat over the BBQ.
I sometimes have some wraps leftover, either from lunch, fajitas or the pulled pork packs, so why not pop them on the BBQ for a few seconds until they get some colour. Wrap up your chicken or pork belly pieces with some barbecued peppers and tomatoes and enjoy!
Fajitas are a great easy last minute dish that everyone can enjoy so I normally like to keep some fajita seasoning in my cupboards. But when it comes to the summer months, this seasoning also works really well in BBQs. Mix 200g of beef mince with finely chopped onion and a seasoning packet. Shape with your hands into burgers. Cook on the BBQ and enjoy the smokey burger flavour. 
Of course, any food made on the BBQ make for great leftovers the next day..if you have any. Find some more ideas here.
Disclaimer: I was sent these products for review but as always, opinions are my own


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