WIAW Moving leftovers

I moved at the weekend. A whole 50 meters to a house just over the road. Having spent 6 years in a two bed flat, the move into a house share meant I have to sacrifice some cupboard space which is hard. Saying that, I now have a much larger space to cook in as well as my first ever dishwasher.
My first breakfast was of course the normal peanut butter and banana on toast. Lunch was some homemade guacamole with my mums home grown tomatoes, cheese and rice ales. I love keeping these in a cupboard at work to allow for quick lunches.
My snack was a selection of fruit from the work fruitbowl topped with some homemade granola.
My dinner was some soba noodles with veg and flaked Thai flavoured mackerel and topped with some sesame seeds.
My dessert was some cookies which I tested out my new oven with. They were a basic cookie recipe with a Monty Bojangles truffle pushed into the middle (recipe to come soon). They came out really well and work enjoyed them as well!
What did you eat this week? 


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