WIAW Adding Freshness

After another weekend at the new forest, I travelled into work early and had my breakfast using emergency breakfast stash in the cupboard. Breakfast was some gluten free wheetabix topped with honey, milk and a large banana.

For lunch was a wholemeal wrap with leftover sundried tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, cucumber and a little cheese. It didn't need mayo or a sauce as the sundried tomato oil and cucumber allowed for enough moisture.
I had a fruit bowl with granola for my afternoon snack to get me home.
For dinner, I made satay chicken noodles from scratch. I marinated the chicken in a peanut butter, sweet chilli, garlic and ginger mix, then grilled. The rest of the marinate was then geated and used as the sauce. I topped with chopped nuts which were leftover from making my own crunchy peanut butter. I served it with some cucumber and carrot for some freshness. This also works really well cold the next day for lunches.
What did you eat this week?


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