WIAW in France

I have just got back from a lovely week in the south of France with 5 of my best friends. As well as being riddled with mosquito bites, I'm missing all the delicious food we ate.
Pretty much every morning for breakfast, someone visited the local bakery and purchased a variety of fresh pastries.
Lunch was a French baguette (fresh that day of course) filled with salad and cheese. Eaten on the beach. Other lunches frequently eaten at the house were homemade mozarella and tomato salads, cheeses and breads.
Of course, a week of relaxing meant a fair amount of drinking delicious French wines.
We are quite a few dinners out but on the last evening we had the objective of eating everything leftover in the fridge. Meg whipped up an amazing veggie frittata with leftover veggies, cooked potato and cheese.
What do you eat on holiday?


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