WIAW Mexican Feasts

It has been a couple of weeks since I have done one of these posts. Although I have been taking photos of my food, I just haven't had the time to upload them.  have been wokring longer hours than normal at work. So it has been nice for things to get back to normal this week so I am able to share my eats with you.
My breakfast was the normal peanut butter, banana, and cinnamon on a bagel thin
My lunch was some delicious leftovers of Mexican rice, leftover guacamole, homemade salsa and lettuce with a squeeze of fresh lime juice on top. The rice made a large batch which was perfect for freezing and lunches.
At work. we have a Great British Bake Off Sweepstake..but with a difference. Instead of adding money to a pot which you can win, if you picked person goes out, you have to bake something to bring in for the rest of the office. This weeks loser bought a show stopper mix of salted caramel brownies and blueberry muffins.
Dinner was enchiladas....it was definitely a Mexican kind of day. I cooked some mince in a spicy sauce, wrapped in a Mediterranean herbed wrap, topped with more sauce and cheese and baked. This also produced more than one serving, so have some ready for my lunch tomorrow.
I also had a snack of Skyr which they were giving out on the streets. They are high on protein and have reduced sugar. I find the texture quite strange personally, but like them more when I dip an apple into it.
What did you eat this week?


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