WIAW Bowls of Food

This week was all about the warming bowls of food. For breakfast, I cut through the cold weather with some porridge, banana and honey.
For lunch, I had a tomato and bean soup with some torilla chips on the side. They added a nice crunch and the soup was a little spicy so worked nicely together. Because the soup was full of beans, it kept me full for ages so I had my snack quite late in the afternoon.
For my snack I had a pink lady apple (the best variety in my opinion) served with some apricot yogurt, grapes and leftover homemade granola.
As I wasn't overly hungry when I got in from work, I spent the time making a risotto. I used onion, and leek as the base, then added courgette, stock, broccoli and peas. I finished it off stirring through some cheese and topping it off with parmesan and fresh pepper. Obviosuly I made a larger batch to allow me to have leftovers for work lunches the next couple of days.
Do you have those days where you just fancy bowls of food?


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