WIAW Leftover Curry Night

This weekend I wanted to do a bit of cooking, so I made some cheese scones for homemade soup (obviously made from leftovers) as well as a delicious curry. It was a saffron chicken curry and suited my korma loving tastebuds.
As I wasn't travelling to work from my house, I had a different breakfast on Monday which was peanut butter on rice cakes with apple. I normally have banana but there wasn't any and I found apple just didnt have the same effect.
I had a late morning snack of rockie road as it was the Bake Off Sweep stakes treat they made. When your picked person leaves, you had to make something. It is quite interesting to see what non-cooks bring in.
Lunch was leftovers from the curry night. This was a vegetable masala which was great.
I also had a fruit snack in the afternoon.
Dinner was a pasta bake which made a big batch so the leftovers will suit me for a few coming lunches or dinner.

What did you eat this week?


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