WIAW Noodle Soup

This week's food is definitely on the warming winter theme. I left the house earlier than normal and it was pretty frosty, so its no surprise when I got to work I opted form a comforting bowl of porridge. I had it with a dirzzle of honey, banana, dried apricots and chopped brazil nuts.
Lunch was some leftover sausage rolls made at the weekend for a picnic, but as I didnt fancy anything snacking, I bought a tomato soup. I tried dipping the roll into the soup and it was the best idea ever. Obviously sausage works well with tomato, but I didn't expect to like the meat/veg combo quite so much.
A colleague at work turned up with some chicken noodle soup and everyone followed suit and bought some from the local shops. As I prefer to make my own, as soon as I got home I made a large batch which will see me through the rest of the week. I fried off some chicken thigh with garlic and a little ginger. I found some reduced stir fry veg which i added to the pan with some stock and a little soy sauce.

 Whilst I was in France, I bought myself a large variety of chcolate to snack on and this Praline was amongst my favourites and a perfect way to end the day.
What did you eat this week?


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