Impeccable Eggs from Heritage Breeds

Eggs are the staple of lots of meals...and not just for breakfast. Egg curry, scotch eggs, or even in a sandwich, they are a firm favourite. Instagram has recently been flooded with images of poached eggs on avocado and Huevos Rancheros, and it's no surprise that there has been a resurgence of eggs.
Hosted at Food52, a cookery school based in London, I was shown the new range of specialty eggs from Heritage Breeds with a group of other food bloggers. From the deep brown shells of Copper Marans, the pastel shell of Royal Legbars, the porcelain white of the duck egg and the speckled quails egg, the deep orange yolks are guaranteed to make them a favourite.
The welfare of the birds is something that Heritage Breeds take great pride in, and it really shows in the richness of the eggs. They are traditionally bread in smaller flocks on hand-picked British farms to make sure the customer have impeccable quality.

Throughout the cosy evening, we were taught how to make the most of the eggs by making pastry, semi-freddo, poached quails eggs and, of course, dippy eggs. And of course, we got to try the smoked mackerel tarts, the tuna nicoise salad and the frozen treat.
But of course, I wanted to try them at home and created a delicious fried duck egg with locally made bread and black forest ham. The quails eggs were made into scotch eggs using a Jamie Oliver recipe  with a rich runny centre - another perfect way to use those dainty speckled eggs and great for lunch boxes.

Thanks to Heritage Breeds for inviting me to their event. Find out more about the brand here


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